What’s new: California Distilled Spirits in Auburn and Pizza Bar in Truckee

California Distilled Spirits of Auburn, founded last year, is the first distillery to (legally) operate in Placer County since Prohibition. We wrote about the startup in our last issue, pointing out that it is available at Corti Bros. and Taylor’s Market in Sacramento, among other places. In the foothills it is available at [...]

Mountain Mandarin Festival is November 21-23

THE MOUNTAIN MANDARIN Festival marks the start of Placer County Mountain Mandarin season. This three-day celebration from November 21-23 draws more than 20,000 visitors from as far away as the Bay Area and Reno.
Festival attendees can sample fresh mandarins hand-picked by Mountain Mandarin Growers’ Association members, as well as a variety of mandarin-based products including [...]

How “New Domesticity” is revitalizing our cooking culture

“WE’RE ALL BAKING BROWNIES AGAIN.” In the popular book Homeward Bound, author Emily Matchar writes about “new domesticity”—our longing for the old-fashioned, the homemade, the authentic.
Nowhere is it more prevalent than in our food culture, which often leads to more time in the kitchen (for both genders). “The motivations behind New Domesticity are varied: an [...]

Exclusive: A farm-to-fork theme mulled for California State Fair in 2014

A fresh, local food theme, such as “From Our Land to Your Table,” is being considered for the California State Fair on July 11-27, 2014, we’ve learned.
No final decision has been made, but it reflects the boom in the fresh, local food movement that is spreading throughout Northern California.
We’d certainly applaud that theme. Our magazine [...]

2013-14 official Placer County Welcome Guide is being circulated

The 2013-14 official Placer County Welcome Guide is now being circulated. All told, there are 70,000 copies and a digital version. We will have many thousands distributed ahead of the Memorial Day weekend.
The digital edition is here.
This is an ideal collaboration between our magazine and the Placer County Visitors Bureau, Placer County Board of Supervisors, [...]

PlacerGROWN week is October 8-14

Bring your hat and grab your shoes in celebration of fresh grown food throughout Placer County highlighted during PlacerGROWN Week Oct. 8-14, 2012.
The Placer County Board of Supervisors supported PlacerGROWN Week with a Proclamation approved at the September 25th Board meeting officially recognizing Oct. 8-14, 2012 as “Celebrate PlacerGROWN Week” in Placer County.
PlacerGROWN Week highlights [...]

Sage-stuffed Leg of Lamb

1 large onion (minced)
2 large stalks celery – including some leaves – (finely chopped)
3 T olive oil
3 to 4 T minced fresh sage leaves
Fresh ground pepper
1 1/2 cups coarse soft white bread crumbs
Sea salt
1 leg of lamb ( 5 to 6 lbs. boned but not tied)
1 cup good red wine (like Ophir’s Syrah)
Preheat oven to [...]

Fresh Food Festivals and Farm Tours all summer long

PLACER COUNTY’S RURAL ROADS ARE LINED WITH rows of orchards, and the peaches, pears and plums are at their ripest. Farms are brimming with fresh vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers and squash.
In the foothills and Truckee/Tahoe, the weekly farmers markets are in full swing, offering local produce, meat and eggs—and helping to build community spirit.
Produce [...]

Placer County Welcome Guide rolls out next month

The success of our FoodWineArt magazine also earned us the privilege to publish the official Placer County Welcome Guide, which distributes throughout all of California. We’re going to roll out the 2011 issue before the Amgen Tour of California bike race on May 15.
It’s 70,000 copies and also will include the PlacerGROWN farm guide, in [...]

PlacerGROWN: A bumper crop

PLACERGROWN HAS BECOME A POWERFUL voice in the foothills, thanks to its passion for farming, desire to conserve natural resources and commitment to grow fresh, local food.
The nonprofit group represents among the best of what the foothills offers in fruit and vegetable farming, Mandarin orchards, wine grape growing and all-natural meats.
Farmers such as [...]

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